Monday, October 11, 2010

Long time no blog!

Well hello there folks! Promise I have been doing crafts. I swear actually. They just haven't been much fun because they involve my new job! Loving the job, it keeps me much busier than I would like, but I think after my first school year things will calm down a bit. Right now I am just trying to get into the routine of things.

Some new things:
  • I recently came into new glitter! I can never get enough glitter!! It's everywhere right now.
  • A self-made Halloween costume-working on it this week.
  • Cross-stitch that reminds me of my childhood and all the holidays  
  • Hopefully more work with my sewing machine. Remember those cute fabrics I posted a long time ago, they are still sitting in my craft buckets. Sad.
Also, my friend Adrian has this awesome give-away of hair products by Kevin Murphy. Go sign up for her blog and leave a comment. It's a super cute blog-she posts hair/fashion etc.

Alright, promise to post before Halloween with pictures, then more regularly as the holidays approach.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, Brother!

Okay, this is a big crafting event for me. Drum roll please....I got my first sewing machine!  
It's a Brother XL 2600i, a great sewing machine for beginners like me. It's weird saying beginner because I have been "sewing" for a long time, just not with a machine. I am so used to do everything by hand with embroidery that I am amazed at how fast the sewing machine is. The one part I am finding difficult is that I do not know the machine all that well yet. It takes practice! So, once I get the hang of my shiny new toy I will be making this:
Butterick Pattern 5474-I will be using the kitchen fabric from my previous post to make the pink apron shown above! Once I get one apron down I plan on making more for gifts...or for myself they are all so darn cute! I also want to make a cloth cover for my sewing machine, so that is yet another project to look out for!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Big Hart's

No, I did not spell "Hart" wrong. Hart's Fabric is a great place to go if you are tired of the same old fabric at JoAnn's, Hancock Fabrics etc. Hart's carries fabric by different artistsand they have a big selection. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but in my opinion it's worth it!
It may not look like much from the outside, but check it out....
Row after row of fabric. (Photo's via Google Images)
Is this fabric not the cutest? I had to buy some! (Photo: Me)
I am not sure what I am going to make yet, but it will be fun trying to figure out my next project! (Photo: Me)
So stay tuned into the bait to see what I come up with!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Shower

I missed a week of blogging! I apologize, but I have been moving. I have been in my new place about a week and now we are getting back on track.

Remember my previous post: It's Baby Season ? Well, the baby shower came and went! I love seeing new moms enjoying my creations.

Flower arrangement with the plane and party favors I made
Baby Cake Balls Pops-difficult to get to stay on the stick. Froze them, first, then tried freezing with the ball on it already. All around a big crafting difficulty. I don't think I will ever put them on sticks again! Look cute as rattles though right?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling sluggish?

What is that I see? A little banana slug! Indeed!
Okay, okay! So he is not a snail, but he still belongs here.

This is my second attempt at needle felting (see previous post: Lady Bug). I decided I had to do something with my yellow wool. I thought a bright yellow banana slug would be perfect. I got my needle felting kit from NifNaks. The kit was only $15.00 included: 2 needles, 6 colors of wool (you get to pick) and a foam pad. In addition, it came with a history of needle felting! The modern form of needle felting started in the 1980's, but felt can be dated back as far as 6300 B.C. Pretty cool! Only thing, it is a bit time consuming and watch out for your precious fingers, I stabbed myself a few times!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Are you tired of onesies yet? I am! This is my last one in a batch of five I have created! The baby shower is this Saturday, so I finished it just in time. Only problem I had with this onesie is the color, it made transfering my pattern (from Urban Threads) difficult.

I ended up using chalk first to transfer the pattern. However, the chalk would not stay, so I traced over the chalk with pen. You can still see the pen marks since I haven't washed it yet. Overall, it turned out cute and what mom to be wouldn't love this!?

Next week's bait:
Felting! I have already finished a project, but I am waiting until next week to show it off.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zee Plane! Zee Plane!

I promised an update on Wednesday, so here it is! This is a work in progress. I thought I would get it done by today, however life gets in the way of crafting! Especially in the summer when the sun is hot and the pool is cool!
How to make this bait:

  • Step 1-Find patterns for your design. My cousin-in-law has a plane theme for the baby. So I typed, "cute onesies" into google images and you can get tons of ideas right there!

  • Step 2-Copy & paste patterns into Microsoft Word and size them accordingly, (can be done with other programs) I prefer Word. Now print!

  • Step 3- Take a pencil and rub graphite all over the back of your patterns. Press hard, make sure there is plenty of graphite on the back.

  • Step 4- Place patterns on onesie with pins and trace with a pen. Be sure to press down hard so the pattern transfers.

  • Step 5- Go over parts of pattern with pencil that did not transfer well (sometimes I use washable pen).

  • Step 6- My personal favorite step: EMBROIDER! I used chain stitch for most of this project. The clouds are glow-in-the-dark!!
Last but not least- Enjoy your hard work and have a sunshine filled day!

Coming up next on the bait:
--Next Wednesday be looking for more onesie patterns (are you getting tired of them yet?)
--Trying to get more publicity for this blog, hardly anyone reads it! If you look at this please leave a comment! Or I might start a page counter, ads and trying to get some people lookin at my stuff!
--Felting! Hopefully getting projects going....see ya next week!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Baby Season

Well, the Snail-Bait has received a face lift. What do you think? I like the new blog templates, but I would like to change the background. Beyond a new face lift, I have some new projects to share. My cousin-in-law is expecting a baby boy. We are throwing her a baby shower and these are some cute onesies I made:

The pattern is from Trey & Lucy they so kindly posted their pattern for ties and guitars. I thought the ties would be my favorite, but I ended up loving the guitar! I cannot wait to see it on the baby.

To make a guitar or tie onesie:
Step 1:  Buy a packet of onesies for cheap-Target or Walmart has great prices! Packs of 5 onesies for around 7.99.
Step 2:  Buy or find the following around the house:
--Fabric (can be scraps!)
--Wonder Under (or Steam to Seam) 1 sheet for guitar, 1/2 sheet for tie
--Iron + ironing board
--Embroidery thread to embellish
Step 3: Follow instructions on the Wonder Under to pin pattern to wonder under and fabric accordingly. Cut out! Peel the Wonder Under from the fabric and the "web" part should be stuck to fabric. Place your applique on the onesie. Don't worry it won't stick just yet, so you can move it around until you find a placement you like.
Step 4:  Turn on the iron! Make sure you place cardboard or something inside the onesie so it doesn't stick together! Also place a piece of fabric over it so Wonder Under does not get on the iron.
Step 5: After your pattern is adhered use embroidery thread to make designs!

Coming up next on the bait: Every Wednesday I am going to make it my goal to post. Next Wednesday-I have two more onesies that are embroidery only that I will show how-to and progress. Maybe even a video!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I went to Maker's Faire today for the first time. I was amazed at all the different stuff! I was looking for one thing though. Needle felting! I have really wanted to try it, but I have not been able to find anything at a reasonable price, until today! NifNaks had a great kit for $15 which includes the foam board, 6 bundles of roving (you get to pick the color) and two felting needles. The kit comes with instructions and a bit of history about needle felting. They suggest starting out by making a ball. My ball turned into this:  
Isn't my lady bug cute!? It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it did take a long time. This little guy is a bit bigger than a quarter. Love it!

More pictures of the Maker's Faire to come!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Crafts

More beautiful coffee filter roses. This bunch was created by my mom for my clinical supervisor. they are double delight roses. We chose this cute teapot to put them in.
They look beautiful in the early morning light. Don't they? Look very real!
Find the pattern at --> paper roses


How to paint your graduation mortar board (cap). Step 1: Print your design, color back with white chalk all over. Place pattern on cap and trace over with pencil pressing down to transfer your design. Lift up your pattern and the chalk pattern appears.
Step 2: Paint-I tried regular acrylic, but puff paint works the best. Do not use the puff paint bottle, hard to control the outcome. Instead, squirt some onto a plate and use a paint brush!
Step3: Bedazzle! I used Martha Stewarts Irridescent 12 Pack glitter and store bought rinestones. Use Jewel It glue and tweezers to place rinestones.
Step 4: Admire and wear your awesome and unique graduation cap. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Almost Time!

I have 3 days left of externship and 5 pages of a final until I am officially done with my MA degree! I am already finding more time for crafting. I started a new felt project, bought new supplies, and will be decorating my graduation cap! For now I will leave you with these beauties-coffee filter paper roses painted in water color. My mother learned how to make them! Thanks to Martha Stewart and
They seriously look real. My mom made another bunch for my supervisor and I will post pictures by Wednesday! So come back soon!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Learn something new everyday

Alright time to get nerdy! Did you know that crafting reduces anxiety?

  • "Patients with mood disorders often 'live inside their heads'. Participating in a craft can help patients 'move' forward."
Often people who are in hospitals, recovering or in therapy benefit from craft "therapy". I, myself have anxiety from time to time (which is normal for most people!). When I craft on a consistent basis and have an outlet for "my brain"; I seem to be more relaxed. My brain is "moving forward" because you are spending time making something, either just for you, someone you care about, or just for fun and it takes your mind off your worries.

  • "Robert Reiner, Ph.D., a New York University psychologist and the study’s author, the findings prove what crafters already know: Crafts de-stress. “The act of performing a craft is incompatible with worry, anger, obsession, and anxiety,” he says. “Crafts make you concentrate and focus on the here and now and distract you from everyday pressures and problems. They’re stress-busters in the same way that meditation, deep breathing, visual imagery, and watching fish are.”

I guess I already knew this, but to know scientifically that my crafting is a form of therapy and it actually works is awesome! However, like I have said before with graduate school coming to a close in about 4 weeks (classes anyways) I have ZERO time for crafts.

The last straw, hurdle, jump whatever you want to call it= super stressed/anxious, overwhelmed, overworked, studying like crazy, with little time to eat, sleep or finish my work..... let alone craft.

Counting the days_____39______ until I can offically call "time" my own again!!!

After May 29th watch out world, Snail Bait will be back in action and I may even start a new blog about my career in SLP---which is sure to involve a lot of creativity! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Goodies

My mom and I made 94 cake balls today for Easer. Click here to learn: How To Make Cake Balls We used a recipe that was similar, we used chocolate to coat and added decorations! Suprisingly easy to make, the coating part was a bit tricky but decorating was fun! We saw some very creative cake balls while searching the internet! Some made into lolli-cake balls for weddings and showers. Some made into animals with fondant. Fun to get creative!

Not exactly Peter Cottontail! Looks like a box of chocolates!

Chocolate Cake Balls-regular chocolate (white drizzle) and peanut butter chocolate (sprinkles)

White Chocolate Cake Balls-Funfetti Cake with Sprinkles! They taste just as good as they look!

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is Bowie to Bowie, do you hear me out there man?

My sister is a big Bowie fan! She asked me to make her a Bowie inspired cross-stitch. I made the pattern myself based on Bowie's famous lightning bolt and hair! I put on some vintage Dawson's Creek and began stitching! I finished it in one evening. Hooray! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The bait has killed me...

I will not have time for crafting for a while. Last semester of graduate school, extern 30+ hrs a week, and two major tests (licensing and grad exam) to study for.

I have done some crafting and baking just to keep myself sane. If I get a free minute I will come back and post. So keep checking! I may be back.

In other news I was introduced to Google Reader. I love it! Now that I have an iTouch I can keep up with my blogs all day long! Hooray. If you don't know what google reader is yet, check it out!!!! It's a blog readers dream!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hearts and lots of them!

It is not very often that I get to make crafts for men, so it's a bit of a challenge when I get a request. I had stitched Zachary a quote he used all the time. His friend Mike loved it and requested something as well. I thought about zombies, southpark etc. However, I settled upon Bubble Bobble the Nintendo game. Mike introduced the game to me and the three of us spend hours playing it together. It doesn't hurt that the characters are cute little dragons! Both patterns curtosy of
After making the big one, I just had to make the cute smaller one for a Valetine's card. The editing (pink heart part) was done on Today they had a celebration for 1 billion uploaded pictures so I took advantage of premium editing!

Recent snow on the mountains, this is the view from my bedroom window, zoomed in as far as possible!

I truly enjoy decorating my room, last month it was snowflakes and this month.....
(again edited a lot using

Paperheart garlands are easy to make if you have a die cut machine. I used scrap book paper and construction paper. I hung them from my curtain rod using a paperclip and some thread. Of course it helps to have sparkly white lights to accent them too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stormy Weather

Wooo! Northern California is getting a series of intense storms this week. Today began the first of 6-7 storms. The blue sky is peaking out for now, but soon the rain clouds will come pouring back in.
I recently got a Flip camcorder for Christmas here is a video of the rain....

The dark clouds remind me of the Pixar short "Partly Cloudy" on the movie "Up!" if you haven't seen it yet, go watch it!!! The short was adorable and I just can't look at a grey cloud the same way again :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

Well, I promised pictures of some Christmas presents, and now that it is no longer 2009 or Christmas time I think it is safe to post these beauties!

Exhibit A: The homework monster for my cousin Thea. He is adapted from an Urban Threads design. She is currently attended UC Berkley getting a double Masters! I feel her pain and made her the amazing homework monster. The best part is I made him bendable and magnetic!!!

Exhibit B: This is an old Speech Therapy card from 1974! I found it while doing my student teaching. My uncle's John and Garrett have three chickens I helped take care of. Thus, I thought they would enjoy this, I made the chickens true to life (Henny-Penny red, Pumpkin is Orange and Claudia is Black & White!)

I am currently on vacation in San Diego and did not bring my crafts with me so I had a chance to truly relax. However, when I return to San Jose school starts back up again with hurrican force and I am afraid I will not longer have time to craft :(

5 more months until I am done with school and will have more time and money to CRAFT! I can't wait!