Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh the "freedom" of summer has finally inspired me! I put "freedom" in quotes only because I am still in school :( But luckily only one class :)

So, I have been wanting to submit something to Subversive Cross-stitch's Flickr for a long time. But I wanted to come up with someone orignal. That site can be kinda dirty, vulgar, and inappropriate. That's why I love it, it's not what you would typically expect from home made crafts.

So what is this genious idea? Well I am not telling you yet. Here is a hint: My boyfriend and his friends got it from a comedian (i believe) they say it ALL the time. It could be hung on the door of your bathroom. Hahah.

It's going to be a quick and easy craft. Yet disgusting. I am soo sending to him when I am done. LOL's

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back in Action

Well hello! I am offically in summer mode! Although I am still enrolled in school, my unit load is only 3 for the summer! Hooray!

Here are some things I promised:
1>) I went down to San Diego, twice! I actually really enjoyed myself! I went to a wedding on the beach

2) My mom's artichokes are in bloom! I just had to test out my camera's zoom skills. I would say pretty good! I have a version of this as my wallpaper!

3.) Zach's birthday! I made this cake that is my all time favorite cake (and i typically really don't like cake) It's like a brownie cake! made with lots of chocolate!!!

4.) Crafting! I actually got some embroidery in! I bought a duvet cover for Zach's comforter and embroidered his initials!

As summer school settles down I should be crafting more! And I have a brand new camera, so I at least I can post pictures! Keep coming back!