Monday, October 11, 2010

Long time no blog!

Well hello there folks! Promise I have been doing crafts. I swear actually. They just haven't been much fun because they involve my new job! Loving the job, it keeps me much busier than I would like, but I think after my first school year things will calm down a bit. Right now I am just trying to get into the routine of things.

Some new things:
  • I recently came into new glitter! I can never get enough glitter!! It's everywhere right now.
  • A self-made Halloween costume-working on it this week.
  • Cross-stitch that reminds me of my childhood and all the holidays  
  • Hopefully more work with my sewing machine. Remember those cute fabrics I posted a long time ago, they are still sitting in my craft buckets. Sad.
Also, my friend Adrian has this awesome give-away of hair products by Kevin Murphy. Go sign up for her blog and leave a comment. It's a super cute blog-she posts hair/fashion etc.

Alright, promise to post before Halloween with pictures, then more regularly as the holidays approach.


  1. Thanks for blogging my giveaway!! I hope you win :) can't wait to see the fun crafts you are working on.

  2. Yeah I know, trying to be back anyways! I have lots of crafts on my plate for the weekend!! BRING OUT THE HOT GLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What up Rachel!! Sweet blog you have her. It was so super awesome to meet you this weekend! I've got you on my fave list now, so update away!