Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hearts and lots of them!

It is not very often that I get to make crafts for men, so it's a bit of a challenge when I get a request. I had stitched Zachary a quote he used all the time. His friend Mike loved it and requested something as well. I thought about zombies, southpark etc. However, I settled upon Bubble Bobble the Nintendo game. Mike introduced the game to me and the three of us spend hours playing it together. It doesn't hurt that the characters are cute little dragons! Both patterns curtosy of
After making the big one, I just had to make the cute smaller one for a Valetine's card. The editing (pink heart part) was done on Today they had a celebration for 1 billion uploaded pictures so I took advantage of premium editing!

Recent snow on the mountains, this is the view from my bedroom window, zoomed in as far as possible!

I truly enjoy decorating my room, last month it was snowflakes and this month.....
(again edited a lot using

Paperheart garlands are easy to make if you have a die cut machine. I used scrap book paper and construction paper. I hung them from my curtain rod using a paperclip and some thread. Of course it helps to have sparkly white lights to accent them too.

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  1. great job, yet again :)

    You like decorating? What? haha...