Monday, January 31, 2011

A backup of crafty goodness

Well hello there fellow bloggers! I promised to post more, but that was about 3+ months ago now. Sad. I find myself becoming completely engrossed in my work. I do have a chance to get creative with my students, however it leaves me little time to get crafty after hours. My school's catch phrase is "No Excuses!", thus I should really make time to craft. Afterall, it does make me a happier person!

Although I have limited time, I did craft! Here are some fabulous Halloween costumes.
Zachary the black Voo Doo Doll

 Me! These costumes were inspired by my trip to New Oreleans last year. As well as Tim Burton's Pin Cushion Queen and Voo Doo Girl! Love it!
How to make a voo doo Costume:
  • old t-shirt, puffy paint, flower wire, old necklace that you are willing to take apart, sharpies, gue gun, felt, wire cutters and batting.
  • Draw a heart on the felt cut out
  • Take apart necklace, color beads with sharpies (it worked! I had white beads), hot glue beads to end of flower wire (strongest you can find), cut wires at different lengths. Cut little holes in the felt heart and then glue the wires into the hearts backside. Make sure to bend ends of wire or glob glue to keep from poking through! OUCH!
  • Place batting all over the backside of the pin filled heart and then glue all around and place on shirt!
  • Draw on fake stitches with puffy paint. Glitter if needed Let dry.
  • REVIEW: I loved these costumes, fun to make and everyone said we should have entered a contest. I kept them, maybe next year? Beware of people poking them though! Fun times all around!

We held our first ever pumpkin carving party. Isn't this Spider I made the cutest?