Monday, October 11, 2010

Long time no blog!

Well hello there folks! Promise I have been doing crafts. I swear actually. They just haven't been much fun because they involve my new job! Loving the job, it keeps me much busier than I would like, but I think after my first school year things will calm down a bit. Right now I am just trying to get into the routine of things.

Some new things:
  • I recently came into new glitter! I can never get enough glitter!! It's everywhere right now.
  • A self-made Halloween costume-working on it this week.
  • Cross-stitch that reminds me of my childhood and all the holidays  
  • Hopefully more work with my sewing machine. Remember those cute fabrics I posted a long time ago, they are still sitting in my craft buckets. Sad.
Also, my friend Adrian has this awesome give-away of hair products by Kevin Murphy. Go sign up for her blog and leave a comment. It's a super cute blog-she posts hair/fashion etc.

Alright, promise to post before Halloween with pictures, then more regularly as the holidays approach.