Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

Well, I promised pictures of some Christmas presents, and now that it is no longer 2009 or Christmas time I think it is safe to post these beauties!

Exhibit A: The homework monster for my cousin Thea. He is adapted from an Urban Threads design. She is currently attended UC Berkley getting a double Masters! I feel her pain and made her the amazing homework monster. The best part is I made him bendable and magnetic!!!

Exhibit B: This is an old Speech Therapy card from 1974! I found it while doing my student teaching. My uncle's John and Garrett have three chickens I helped take care of. Thus, I thought they would enjoy this, I made the chickens true to life (Henny-Penny red, Pumpkin is Orange and Claudia is Black & White!)

I am currently on vacation in San Diego and did not bring my crafts with me so I had a chance to truly relax. However, when I return to San Jose school starts back up again with hurrican force and I am afraid I will not longer have time to craft :(

5 more months until I am done with school and will have more time and money to CRAFT! I can't wait!

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