Saturday, October 27, 2012

Crochet Edge!

I have been making baby blankets with flannel or fleece with this bad boy:
Fits into any normal rotary cutter and then you run it along the edge of the fabric of your choice. GO back with a crochet hook and go to town! So easy and faster than making a whole blanket from scratch!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Embroidered Shoes

I realized after "pinning" one or two of my pictures on Pinterest that my blog has been getting more action lately!

I have been crafting-just not updating. Oops.

I really should update-I am more stressed these days. Not sure why, maybe it's the wedding I am planning! Yes, you heard that right I am engaged. Exciting!

I have also recently taken up crocheting. After many attempts, over many years I finally figured it out. (will post pictures later)

For now:
I also got into embroidering shoes! I have my own pair, but a dear friend of mine asked me to make some for her son. Ocean theme!
  1.  Buy a pair of black canvas shoes (Tom's, Soda brand at Tilly's, Target has Mossimo type), make sure they are relatively thin.
  2. Buy a big strong needle and some white chalk.
  3. Start drawing your design on the shoes using chalk.
  4. Grab some embroidery thread and get creative! Be careful-sewing down near the toe can be dangerous to your fingers!