Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Baby Season

Well, the Snail-Bait has received a face lift. What do you think? I like the new blog templates, but I would like to change the background. Beyond a new face lift, I have some new projects to share. My cousin-in-law is expecting a baby boy. We are throwing her a baby shower and these are some cute onesies I made:

The pattern is from Trey & Lucy they so kindly posted their pattern for ties and guitars. I thought the ties would be my favorite, but I ended up loving the guitar! I cannot wait to see it on the baby.

To make a guitar or tie onesie:
Step 1:  Buy a packet of onesies for cheap-Target or Walmart has great prices! Packs of 5 onesies for around 7.99.
Step 2:  Buy or find the following around the house:
--Fabric (can be scraps!)
--Wonder Under (or Steam to Seam) 1 sheet for guitar, 1/2 sheet for tie
--Iron + ironing board
--Embroidery thread to embellish
Step 3: Follow instructions on the Wonder Under to pin pattern to wonder under and fabric accordingly. Cut out! Peel the Wonder Under from the fabric and the "web" part should be stuck to fabric. Place your applique on the onesie. Don't worry it won't stick just yet, so you can move it around until you find a placement you like.
Step 4:  Turn on the iron! Make sure you place cardboard or something inside the onesie so it doesn't stick together! Also place a piece of fabric over it so Wonder Under does not get on the iron.
Step 5: After your pattern is adhered use embroidery thread to make designs!

Coming up next on the bait: Every Wednesday I am going to make it my goal to post. Next Wednesday-I have two more onesies that are embroidery only that I will show how-to and progress. Maybe even a video!


  1. LOVE the ones with ties!!! I am so having a boy so you can make some for me!!!

  2. I know right!? I love the white and brown one, I thought I would like the more colorful tie...but the brown one is soo...traditional! ha! Love it. Making more to post tomorrow! yay!