Monday, April 25, 2011

To infinity and beyond!

My boyfriend's cousin had a baby boy last week. Naturally I had to make a blanket. Again, this is Amiee Ray inspired. I just love her book!! I put my own spin on her designs by changing colors, sewing and using felt. Enjoy!

Notice the strange green? It's glow in the dark accents using puff paint!
I just can't get enough of making baby stuff. This blanket was rather tough to sew, multiple layers of fleece and felt. Let's not forget the glue used to hold the figures in place. I broke about 5 needles making this puppy! Well worth it for the cuteness.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watercolored blown eggs

Are these not colorful and full of spring!?
 I used a micron permanent pen, watercolored and then used master shine to seal the paint in and make them shiny!
This one is my favorite, this is inspired by Aimee Ray!
 Another Aimee Ray inspired design
 This basket was designed by me!

 Snail, and bugs by me! Flowers and strawberries by Aimee Ray designs!
 Vino and Flowers by LittleTurkishGirl Ashley J!!! Pug Angel! We had a great craft day today! Ocean and Russian doll are Aimee Ray.

How do you blow out the eggs? Poke a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg with a nail. Use a paperclip undone, stick it in the hole and stir up the egg to break the yolk. Use a small red drink straw to blow out the egg.
How to dry? Put the blown, empty eggs on a papertowel on a plate, and microwave for about 45 seconds or until the eggs are hot. Scrub off any excess leaked egg with a sponge. OR if you have time, leave eggs in a sunny location for a few days.
Other variations: Glitter your eggs! Use colored pencil or sharpie markers! Use tissue paper, scrapbook paper or stencils. Be inspired!

Refurbished Bike!

A few months ago I bought a rustybike on e-bay. I haven't ridden it much as it needed some work. Well here is the new improved bike! This is the original color, polka dots were added befor I bought it. I took off the rusty basket and used double zero steel wool to remove most of the rust.
 I love glitter, (most of you already know that), thus all the polka dots now have glitter on them! The bell is Electra, totally rusted....used some tacky glue, white paint and more glitter. Good as new!
 The chrome in multiple places was rusted as well, so I used more tacky glue and wintergreen glitter by Martha Stewart!
Now to buy a cute helmet, new basket and I am ready to go!

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!

It is a tradition from when I was younger to have an Easter tree. I found this amazing wire tree at Pier 1. Bird and ornaments from Michaels. Added extra felt animals from a gift bag I had from my birthday.
 Another tradition was a cross-stitched witch from Halloween. Well we found the patterns and now I have a matching bunny! Soon to have all the holiday dolls cross-stitched. Can't wait to finish them all!
 A card my mom made me! Had my astrological sign, flowers and tree of my birth month, my footprints and my birth certificate information! All watercolored, and put on cardboard so I can keep it for years.
 I saw this on Craftzine today, a orgami bunny basket. I just had to put my jelly beans in there.

Birthday and Easter

 I adore April and spring! Why? Because my birthday is in April and usually Easter falls in April too! My mom gave me a present with cute little felt bunny's and chicks stuck on it. I couldn't bare throwing them out. So, like most crafters I upcycled!!
 Hot glue and a pin for the back, ta da!! Perfect for work!
 I went to JoAnn fabrics today and they had this adorable reusable bag! $1.99 Couldn't be more perfect for a crafter!! The handle is a measuring tape, come on ADORABLE!
I have been eyeballing pinking shears for months, but they are usually rather pricey. However, I found this pink pair of pinking shears at JoAnn's today. I had to....
Arn't they cute!? Can't wait to use them!

A little behind...

Well hello blog world! I am so far behind in my crafting blog. So, let's get straight to the projects! A teacher at my work was pregnant with her first baby. This was a blanket I made using Amiee Ray doodle stitching motif book!  Bought a premade blanket and did all the felt and stitching myself.