Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zee Plane! Zee Plane!

I promised an update on Wednesday, so here it is! This is a work in progress. I thought I would get it done by today, however life gets in the way of crafting! Especially in the summer when the sun is hot and the pool is cool!
How to make this bait:

  • Step 1-Find patterns for your design. My cousin-in-law has a plane theme for the baby. So I typed, "cute onesies" into google images and you can get tons of ideas right there!

  • Step 2-Copy & paste patterns into Microsoft Word and size them accordingly, (can be done with other programs) I prefer Word. Now print!

  • Step 3- Take a pencil and rub graphite all over the back of your patterns. Press hard, make sure there is plenty of graphite on the back.

  • Step 4- Place patterns on onesie with pins and trace with a pen. Be sure to press down hard so the pattern transfers.

  • Step 5- Go over parts of pattern with pencil that did not transfer well (sometimes I use washable pen).

  • Step 6- My personal favorite step: EMBROIDER! I used chain stitch for most of this project. The clouds are glow-in-the-dark!!
Last but not least- Enjoy your hard work and have a sunshine filled day!

Coming up next on the bait:
--Next Wednesday be looking for more onesie patterns (are you getting tired of them yet?)
--Trying to get more publicity for this blog, hardly anyone reads it! If you look at this please leave a comment! Or I might start a page counter, ads and trying to get some people lookin at my stuff!
--Felting! Hopefully getting projects going....see ya next week!


  1. I read your blog and love to see the super cute projects that you do all the time!

  2. aww thanks for posting a comment Jenna! :) Let me know the second you find out of baby D is a boy or a girl...or if you are making it a suprise green or yellow!? hahah That way I can get on with the baby stuff!

  3. I like "when the sun is hot and the pool is cool." :)