Monday, June 27, 2011

Well it's been a while!

It's summer vacation (for exactly 8 weeks). I have to fit some crafting in while I can! My mom is an avid watercolor artist. She gave me a set of paint and I have been trying it out.
I had to learn the hard way, you have to wash your brush in between each color. Now that I know why, colors mix together. It makes sense!
 The school that I work at has a college theme. My college is California State University Monterey Bay. Yes, even in my crafts I think about work. I decided to make an ocean themed mobile to hang in my office. I started with white cardstock. I find it's the closest thing to watercolor paper without being really expensive. I painted and splattered all over it to make a wave. This becomes the top of my mobile.
 For my sea creatures I used die-cut sea creatures using manila folders. I used an embroider hoop for the top of my mobile as I wanted the round shape. I also played around with an oval, but I didn't like it as much. I used plain sewing threat to hang. Probably should have used fishing line....
 Hard to take a picture of the mobile once it's done. I threaded all the animals onto the strings with a small needle. The hard part was getting the wave to adhere to the embroidery hoop. Once all the creatures where tied on, I had to glue the mobile while hanging, using hot glue. Then I realized you could see the I had to paint over that too...

 Ta da! For the summer this will be hanging in my room.