Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feeling sluggish?

What is that I see? A little banana slug! Indeed!
Okay, okay! So he is not a snail, but he still belongs here.

This is my second attempt at needle felting (see previous post: Lady Bug). I decided I had to do something with my yellow wool. I thought a bright yellow banana slug would be perfect. I got my needle felting kit from NifNaks. The kit was only $15.00 included: 2 needles, 6 colors of wool (you get to pick) and a foam pad. In addition, it came with a history of needle felting! The modern form of needle felting started in the 1980's, but felt can be dated back as far as 6300 B.C. Pretty cool! Only thing, it is a bit time consuming and watch out for your precious fingers, I stabbed myself a few times!

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