Thursday, December 17, 2009

Suprise Vintage Project!

I started working on this a while back, when we had a Sunday "Crafternoon" with my cousins. Crafting runs in the family! I actually worked on it for soo long that I hurt my wrist! haha.

I wasn't able to work on it for a few months due to school, however now that I am done I finally finished it.

It is a vintage postcard I found through searching the internet. I adore vintage mermaids, bathing beauties, classy pin-up type artwork. I fell in love with this and decided it would be fun to make! I am very excited it is done, wish I had used a better fabric that didn't pucker but I am happy with the end result! It will be hanging in my room once I find a good place to have it framed.

Here is the original postcard artwork I used for the pattern (wish I knew who made it!):

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  1. This is so you!!! And I see you changed your header...I like :)