Sunday, December 13, 2009

The gifts, glorious gifts!!

I have been working on this since I began my blog. This is a vintage stitching pattern found at an antique store. It uses single stitchs and I have never done a craft like this! It was a bit difficult to define the pattern using single stitches. I am used to cross-stitch! After thousands of beige stitches I am finally done! To get the perspective I included a pen...ugh soo many beige stitches!!!! The poor thing is warped and I need it framed! But I got it done by Christmas and will be giving it to my grandpa.

Another gift was for my Speech-Language Pathology supervisor. Her name has been blurred for privacy. If you didn't notice she loves tea. The patterns are via Sublime Stitching (love their stuff!) I had fun with this quick project. I think personalized gifts are my favorite thing to make!

My next project will be one for myself. I have another fabulous vintage postcard project in the works and something christmasy! I am also dying to try needle felting! It seems like felting wool is hard  to come by in San Jose....I will try it eventually!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the tea baskets!!

    The car is great, and your gramps is gonna love that :)

  2. it's just one basket with all four sides embroidered! :) it was fun!