Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Smells like Christmas

Well, my room smells like Christmas that is, fresh balsam to be exact (bath and body works). It is the only candle that smells just like a fresh cut tree! Speaking of trees! Here is my white seashell tree. I have yet to create a tree topper (starfish) been too busy, but I will get around to it later.

I strung pearls on the pretty ribbon and then used a glue gun to attach. Martha Stewart suggests using a tiny electric drill. A. I do not own one B. That would take a while!! C. shells might crack. So I used my own ideas.

I had some failed projects this week but nothing was worse than this:

My embroidery thread that is organized in numrical order decided to throw itself up all over my floor...sad. I let it sit there for a while before cleaning it up!

PS. I have more pictures coming the day after Christmas! One present I finished today and actually suprised myself with how cute it is! :P Come back to see the Christmas Presents, Dec. 26th!!  

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