Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Late Christmas!

Wreath inspired by Family Circle (I think? It's been a while).
  • Made completely of felt, and pushed in with straight pins!
  • Supplies: felt, scissors, straight pints, styrofoam wreath, glue gun.
  • Hot glue green felt to the entire styrofoam wreath. Cut out lots of flowers, pin them on. ta da! 
Minty Mallows
  • Made these delicious treats for all my co-workers!
  • Supplies: different varieties of chocolate chips,sprinkles, marshmallows,coffee stirrers cut in half, wax paper.
  • Stick the stirrers in to all the mallows, dip in chocolate, then in sprinkles, then wax paper to dry.
  • I packaged them in cute little bags, with a packet of hot coco and instructions to use the mallow to stir your coco! YUM!

I made hundreds!  
My boyfriend and I put up our fake tree (normally my parents have the real one). The fake tree was ugly, needed a skirt. Bought the white skirt for $2.00 second hand.  
I used a die cut machine to punch out snowflakes and trees. Well, I die cut one and used it as a pattern for the rest! I then hand cut little circles and sewed on matching sequins and beads!

It's tradition in my family to have a christmas village. I have nice houses at my parents, but down here in Carlsbad I don't! So I bought cheap houses at the dollar store. They came with lights! I also bought the trees!

I had batting laying around so I pulled it apart to make snow. To make the houses look a bit more fancy I used Elmer's glue on the top of the roofs and in the windows and sprinkled glitter. Gives the houses a snowy touch!


  1. I LOVE the wreath! It looks great! We should have a crafting party sometime soon!

  2. I am in love with the tree skirt :)