Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspiration in small packages

I bought these stickers because I love snails. However, while I was looking at them I realized they woud be perfect for a baby blanket motif for my friend Jenna!

I bought a baby blanket already edged. Then used felt to applique my patterns onto the blanket.

I drew the patterns just by looking at the stickers.

Hot glued the felt on (if I had more time would have completely stitched or used wonder under)

I used blanket stitch for the majority of the stitching but some chain stitch here and there. I think this is my favorite baby blanket I have made yet!

Coming soon: Valentine crafts and you guessed it another baby blanket! I also bought a crochet hook, I have tried before, but never got the hang of it. I have old yarn that I may try to make a blanket out of! We shall see! Oh the possibilities and the endless projects piling up!


  1. Your jellyfish is cuter than the sticker. SUPER ADORABLE BLANKET!