Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Summertime and the living is easy....

I finished up my last clinic of my graduate studies on July 29th! More than half-way done. In celebration I went a little bit crazy with the crafts. Here is what I have been up to:
On our last day of Adult Clinic we threw a party and ripped our last paper chain link together-

My grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary is this weekend! We are throwing a party in their honor. My mom and I decided we needed to get crafty. Thus, these beautiful party favors were born! All 46 of them, made while watching soap operas on a lazy afternoon-Jelly Belly's YUM!
Pretty paper seals

The finished product!
I am posting these pictures even though I haven't sent the gifts yet. A friend of mine had a baby girl. Some of you may know I absolutely LOVE to make baby things. Here are some preview pictures. BEE and Jenna designed by Me @Snail-bait and the cupcae is a Sublime Stitching pattern (more to come as I finish the last project)-
Baby Jenna
This one is my favorite..While I was stitching baby clothes my sister made this lil' gnome, drawn by hand and then made into a felt stufie-
Last but not least, I went out for my grandmothers 81st Birthday at my Uncle John's restaurant Los Gatos Gourmet-
After the party this weekend for the 60th Anniversary my cousin's and I are having a SUNDAY CRAFTERNOON!! I can't wait to spend time with family and work on more projects. Stay Tuned..I leave for San Diego for a while to relax and craft some more before Autumn sets in!

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  1. you're getting so good at cross-stitching!!! Before I know it, you'll have a business or something.

    Glad you are coming soon!!!!! Can't wait!