Thursday, July 9, 2009

"diiirrrty souff"

Yeah, the dirty south! New Orleans, Louisiana here I come!! well in like 4 months. I have never been to the south of the US. I have been to the following states: California (duh, I live here), Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Illinois, and I think Ohio? So this coming November, I will have a layover in Texas (I count those states) and then spending the weekend in New Orleans for the ASHA Convention.

I am just excited to travel! I go between San Jose and San Diego all the time, but I haven't left the state in a while. I have more cross-stitching ideas and embroidery patterns. I really need to get a project done for my grandpa. I should get on that!

Time to stop procrastninating and get my homework done. Until next time...

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