Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday and Easter

 I adore April and spring! Why? Because my birthday is in April and usually Easter falls in April too! My mom gave me a present with cute little felt bunny's and chicks stuck on it. I couldn't bare throwing them out. So, like most crafters I upcycled!!
 Hot glue and a pin for the back, ta da!! Perfect for work!
 I went to JoAnn fabrics today and they had this adorable reusable bag! $1.99 Couldn't be more perfect for a crafter!! The handle is a measuring tape, come on ADORABLE!
I have been eyeballing pinking shears for months, but they are usually rather pricey. However, I found this pink pair of pinking shears at JoAnn's today. I had to....
Arn't they cute!? Can't wait to use them!

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