Monday, October 19, 2009

One Batty Batty, Two Batty Batty....

It's been a few weeks! Gosh, time is just flying by! I am working about 55 hours a week (student teaching + school) and I am loving it! However, as I have said before it does not leave much time for crafting. I did manage to put the books down and relax long enough to make a BAT!

Isn't it darling? I got the pattern from Urban Threads. I love Sublime Stitching patterns more than Urban Threads...but I liked the bat.

He is in my bedroom and it just makes me think of Halloween!

I also started up on the "old car project" I am determined to finish it for my grandpa for Christmas! I also have my other mystery project in the works. Hooray!


1 comment:

  1. Love him! Suddenly I have that song from Fern Gully in my head, "My name is Batty..."